Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting Summary

From September 30 – October 2, a series of meetings were held to provide an overview of the plan process and seek feedback from select individuals and appointed and elected officials about the community vision and goals. During the meetings, attendees provided feedback through group discussions based on their thoughts regarding Abilene’s future.

The first day Halff Associates, Inc. was taken on a tour of Abilene along with members of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC). The following two days the project team held meetings with focus groups during the day, and a joint workshop with the CPAC, Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council was held the evening of October 1. The stakeholder meetings consisted of questions regarding Abilene today and what they envision for its future. Questions included:

Questions included:

  • When you think of Abilene today, what is the first mental image you have of the City?
  • In 2040, Abilene will be ______________.
  • What is one of Abilene’s strengths?
  • What is one of Abilene’s opportunities?
  • What is one of Abilene’s aspirations?

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At the joint workshop there were three activities designed to further determine existing conditions and guiding principles for Abilene’s future. A copy of the presentation can be viewed here.